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Last rites

June 12, 2018

This nightmare is sober;

Two souls have died,

Was it murder,

Or suicide?

Should love give,

Or take from another,

When two hearts live,

In the arms of each other?

Why shatter your heart,

For freedom’s sake,

Then realise freedom was both the lock,

And the open gate?

This nightmare is over,

Two souls have died,

Was it murder,

Or suicide?


The heart of creation lies in darkness

May 5, 2015

Open hearted
in a sensual world,
Where cuts and bruises
cause no pain,
Rather a sacred recognition:
In grief there is liberation,
A torrent of colour,

As a creature of feeling,
Not thought,
Is it madness
to sit in darkness
with a smile on my face?

Have you contemplated the notion:
It’s not light that connects us,
That when your pulse races,
And your chest feels both tight and swollen,
It could be love,
Or fear,
Only if you care to name it,

In the absence of both,
What would your racing heart tell you?
Pay attention,

Can you face destruction?
Because somewhere we mistook
immortality for permanence,

The stars know this,

Do they burn merely to bring light,
In a world of mirrors and reflection,
Or because there is no creation
without destruction?

And if there’s truth in this,
how can you be different from a star,
a raging fire,
If they’re the source of all you are?


January 11, 2015

Caught in that place,
Knowing everything you fill,
Can be filled by anyone,
Disbelief suspended,
By the true worthlessness of existence,
As everything you would have fulfilled,
Is an illusion only you can dispel


Who, who?

November 27, 2014

I see him in dreams
With talons that tear through flesh
Layers of sinew and muscle
An old torn love letter
Blood and fatty tissue strewn
Amidst a spiral bound carcass
of shredded images and stories
With his predators beak
He comes on silent wings
To pluck at the night
Pitiless and merciless
Bright eyed and grim
Since the setting of the sun
His wisdom unchallenged
The chosen of gods and mortals
He who feasts in darkness 
Seeing even the smallest worrisome mouse
A meal for his honesty
He obeys a single truth
that is no truth at all
Nor is it desire
He is the blind side
The hunter of the night
A hooded executioner
Of all that you would hide
He is a bringer of death
Leaving carrion to the crow
Sowing balance in his silent wake
And thus nourished
You will find him playing in the bright light
Lest he be lost between the worlds deep sorrow
And the comfort of night

Blood Bath

November 2, 2014

Short movie of me reading Blood Bath. Learning to love my voice. Maybe one day I’ll have the courage to post one with no filters on the sound 😉

Blood will flow
Geysers rich red with oxygen
Measuring my breath in dark spurts
Morbid pools of reality
A crimson cloak mirror
Softly swaying in perfect circles
A feast for her ancestor
Puddled on the floor
Sprayed across walls
Wrenched cage of my chest
A chalice of bones
Horror from the dawn
Laid bare by her talon
Her dripping red teeth
Clenching decades of rotten flesh
She needs no knife
Dragging my half severed head
Clenching my slit throat neck
Raising my red raw eyes
As darkness drops
And light ascends
The fire in her lips
Curling like my death skull grin
Smiling at this deadly flame filled leech
Blood let
She’s letting me
A shaman
With flaming breath
A divine lover
Sealing my mortal wounds
With an immortal fire

Bones and stardust

October 23, 2014

Narcissist pool eyes
From the dawn of time
This time
I’m every man you’ve known
The lover who lied
The creep on the street
The friend who took you aside
The beloved of last week
Last month
Last year
I am Father
I am Brother
I am He, you She
I am fire
I am earth
I am water
I am air
Breathe in
My bones and stardust
You’ve tasted
Countless times
Since the garden
We’ve never been apart
Mother and Father’s cosmic joke
There is but one child
With two sides
And a billion faces
Mortal and godly
Divine and terrible
I see you
And I’ve felt you
I know you
You’re the girl next door
The goddess in the pool
And the temptress in the garden
I see you coming
And I’ve seen you leave
You are naught but bones and dust
Yet everything above, below
and between

Whole love
Half love
No love
All love.


December 16, 2011

How many times
Will I wake to this scene
Where the serpent’s lies
Are hidden from me
Last night’s dream
Clouding my eyes
Still feasting on the apple
Stolen from some forbidden tree
Showered with blossom
In beautiful hues
Dream-struck, I reach out
Too late to see
This scene is all too real
And this knowledge has set a course of its own
The safest place seems to be in dreams
Lost in a garden
Where no wild beasts roam
and no serpent lays waiting
Where the grass is soft
Like a lover’s breast
And the fruit all ripe
But with one bite you wake
And paradise is gone
And before too long
All you’ve built is lost
But this is but the waking hour
On its own path to oblivion
So fear not
Tonight the dream might stay
And if not
There will come another day


November 25, 2011

I can drift,
I can fly,
A fruitful existence,
In a hapless world,
With loving acceptance,
Tomorrow I could die,
One of a million small deaths,
Ticked off with the seconds of a clock,
Once more can’t hurt,
Tick tock,
Signs in the water,
Guides in the sand,
Where have I been,
These past months,
Dying by my own hand,
Carving off scraps,
To feed my crows,
Who await my final throes,
they don’t understand,
I live and die by my own hand,
With a fire so bright,
You’ll burn if yours isn’t alight,
I’m a Phoenix,
I sleep at night,
Dead embers concealing my might,
this is what I forgot,
Neither asleep,
Nor aflame,
But no longer,
I’ll scream and shout,
Hurl my flames into the sea,
Rekindled every day,
Nothing can touch me,
What comes next,
You’ll never know,
No more carrion,
Take flight,
Beady eyed crow


August 15, 2011

What say you,
To Love and Pain In small doses,
Taken lightly with a sip of water.
What does remain,
When you awake each day?
This echo, like a precious ring,
Clattering down a drain,
And the shadows cast,
By rumpled sheets,
Crumbs of bread on the morning bench,
Morning or mourning?
Either way, it’s a new dawn.
The bed can be made,
The bench wiped down,
Flick on the light,
No shadows abound.
What now, with all tidy?
No pain lurking in shadows,
No deceit hiding under sheets,
Just the light of another day,
Yesterday is dead,
Leaving today at it’s wake,
And tomorrow for it’s memory.


September 17, 2009

Tread steadily down these dark halls,
with closed doors.

The passage goes one way,
behind every door is death.

Do not faulter!
Hesitation at the threshold is your enemy,
the unknown your gift.

Be mindful of leaving the light on,
leave each door ajar when you depart.

When you return,
the halls will be brighter.