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The Monster and Me

July 19, 2018

I visited an old friend today,

She took me into her heart,

Reminding me to cry,

Speaking gently of a fresh start,

She’s held a decade of my tears,

Yet through the ages,

Has not whispered a hint of her own fears,

How many seeds has she planted?

I once planted one in the depths of her dark embrace,

Now counted amongst the dearly departed,

Yet she cares not for my fall from grace,

She collects pieces of me,

Like light and rain,

That I might return to this place,

When I’m in need of them again



May 11, 2015

I don’t seek out beauty,

I simply find it,

In unlikely places,

The comic irony;

It’s always where I expect it to be!

Moonlit liaison

April 2, 2015

Held by the moon
Her watery touch
Cleansing of longing
Finger light on my skin
Youthful beauty not betrayed
By my own ageless desire
A loveless contract
Dusted with tenderness
Yet embracing mortality
With a loving quality
A fearless fluidity
That was the joy of humanity


May 12, 2014

Life’s scraps
And here comes the alphabet again

Like swirling chunks
bobbing in a saucepan

With ageing lumps
scavenged from all corners of the kitchen

Little oily cloud
heavy with emotion

Buoyed by a hot bubbling crowd
like friends set aside

Life on hold
and a lithium tide

In winter’s coop
where foggy cold does abide

I’m making soup.

Birthday Poem

October 31, 2011

Happy Birthday because,
your heart beating next to mine
sweeps me along like summer breeze
it feels like sitting on a hill
gently cradled in the bough of a tree
watching clouds drift by out of time

Happy Birthday because,
all my shadows seem brighter
as you fill the small spaces of my life
in ways I can only try to describe
the words haven’t been invented
but it feels like laughter

Happy Birthday because,
dreams and weariness can not collude
when slumber calls
because the stars in your eyes
guide me even in sleep
so I always wake with gratitude


Moral ground

October 11, 2011

Bring forth your armies,
And I’ll raise my arms to you,
You may rain down upon me,
With arrows barbed with hate,
And dripping with judgment,
Swords tempered in fury,
Gilt in righteousness and gold,
You think your armour will save you?
I’ll raise but one hand in my defence,
My fingers at your throat,
With the ferocity of a lion,
And the tenderness of a lovers caress,
Your fear is no match for my resolve,
As I draw you near,
Surrender my conqueror,
There is no defeat,
When hate is met with love.

This is a beautiful  illustration of love in action. Because after all, writing about it is meaningless if you can’t live it. Everything is OK.


December 6, 2010

Forgive me my tears and suffering
When I know not what I do,

Forgive me my lies
That defend me from truth when I am weak,

Forgive me my misdeads
Taking the reason from my voice,

Forgive me my injustices
That tension the bond of trust,

Forgive me my jealousy
As it steals the breath from precious moments,

Forgive me my indifference
Which deadens the joyful note,

Forgive me.

Forgive me my joy and laughter
Ringing loudly through the pain,

Forgive me my honesty
It is for my heart alone,

Forgive me my friendship
Which endures beyond all hope,

Forgive me my detachment
That offers release,

Forgive me my compassion
That sees through every mirror,

Forgive me my love
As it brightens even the dullest tone,

Forgive me, as I forgive myself.

Loving kindness

May 3, 2010

Long days,
silent nights,
Peaceful thoughts,
like butter on toast,
a warmth that spreads,
like a smile from within,
Warm heart beating fast,
an invisible generator,
encased in your chest,
for all to see,
in every action,
and every word,
recorded in memory,
like the first time you smell a rose.


March 15, 2010

What is of this world
Begins with nothing,
And is born to die,
In a shower of beauty and colour.

Falling from clouds that dream,
A still lake and a drop of water,
Reflected in the instant,
Before ripples seek distant shores.

The tiny splash a magic herald,
Like sudden awareness,
The voice that exclaims,
Announcing the homecoming.

With the exuberance of youth,
And newly arrived,
Immersed and absorbed,
With awareness that shines.

Somehow disolved,
As the ripples fade from sight,
Distance disconnecting,
From life’s simplicity.

With time returning,
As the ripples spread,
Like wrinkles appearing,
On a smooth face.

As quickly as you arrived,
These tiny waves will disappear,
The drop now a mirror,
For the clouds that dream.


March 3, 2010

Asking why,
Heart’s flight,
Not in fear or to deny,
Simply time to depart.

Sentimental eyes,
Searching every corner,
Fearing lies,
Craving order.

Not love’s death,
It’s life’s affirmation:
A deep breath,
A pause, and a declaration.

Blue skies sketched with blossom,
in shades of pink and mauve,
Love isn’t a lesson,
It’s hope.

Finding beauty in the small,
Tolerance beyond fragility,
Forgiveness for all,
And compassion with humility.

See that you are dancing,
A vibration you can’t ignore,
Just like the saying,
Love like you’ve never been hurt before.