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Lip sync

November 2, 2015

Where does contentment lie,
When lips crave,
Or say goodbye?
Where the pillowy comfort,
Of the simple kiss,
Asking nothing,
But a wisp of your breath?

A mere puck of a sound,
Conveying more than any weighty tome,
Or the empty wind of words,
Spoken between the loneliness,
Felt only in a bed for two


Wide eyed

May 7, 2015

You stole the tears from my eyes

When your lips touched mine

Leaving behind

A clarity so divine

I would have them back again

That I might cry

Conspirator sky

April 7, 2015

Droplets on a window pane
Blurred lives
All a reflection
A heaviness and lightness
Both shining and grey
Revealing colour
As though every dull moment
Was designed for this alone
Stark contrast
To singular beauty
The whole world conspiring
In it’s dull tears
And clouded skies

Bones and stardust

October 23, 2014

Narcissist pool eyes
From the dawn of time
This time
I’m every man you’ve known
The lover who lied
The creep on the street
The friend who took you aside
The beloved of last week
Last month
Last year
I am Father
I am Brother
I am He, you She
I am fire
I am earth
I am water
I am air
Breathe in
My bones and stardust
You’ve tasted
Countless times
Since the garden
We’ve never been apart
Mother and Father’s cosmic joke
There is but one child
With two sides
And a billion faces
Mortal and godly
Divine and terrible
I see you
And I’ve felt you
I know you
You’re the girl next door
The goddess in the pool
And the temptress in the garden
I see you coming
And I’ve seen you leave
You are naught but bones and dust
Yet everything above, below
and between

Whole love
Half love
No love
All love.


January 2, 2014

Love’s longing is the true foe
Obfuscated by anger’s falsity
Shrouding all beneath
To hide the pain

Lost to a shadowed fury
Outlined by tears like shards
Vacuous in their gasping shower
Empty salt stings on an open wound