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Lip sync

November 2, 2015

Where does contentment lie,
When lips crave,
Or say goodbye?
Where the pillowy comfort,
Of the simple kiss,
Asking nothing,
But a wisp of your breath?

A mere puck of a sound,
Conveying more than any weighty tome,
Or the empty wind of words,
Spoken between the loneliness,
Felt only in a bed for two


Wide eyed

May 7, 2015

You stole the tears from my eyes

When your lips touched mine

Leaving behind

A clarity so divine

I would have them back again

That I might cry

The heart of creation lies in darkness

May 5, 2015

Open hearted
in a sensual world,
Where cuts and bruises
cause no pain,
Rather a sacred recognition:
In grief there is liberation,
A torrent of colour,

As a creature of feeling,
Not thought,
Is it madness
to sit in darkness
with a smile on my face?

Have you contemplated the notion:
It’s not light that connects us,
That when your pulse races,
And your chest feels both tight and swollen,
It could be love,
Or fear,
Only if you care to name it,

In the absence of both,
What would your racing heart tell you?
Pay attention,

Can you face destruction?
Because somewhere we mistook
immortality for permanence,

The stars know this,

Do they burn merely to bring light,
In a world of mirrors and reflection,
Or because there is no creation
without destruction?

And if there’s truth in this,
how can you be different from a star,
a raging fire,
If they’re the source of all you are?

The analyst’s dilemma

April 27, 2015

What strength lies in sensitivity
That can bestow courage
When in darkness I forage
For ease and simplicity

With a heart set on beauty
Yet swept by this deluge
Should I seek a bridge
Or wade through vulnerability

Perhaps seek solace in today’s detail
And quiet contemplation
It’s a soft tissue to expectation

A veil for the heartful
Separating us from ghostly validation
A loving shroud

Conspirator sky

April 7, 2015

Droplets on a window pane
Blurred lives
All a reflection
A heaviness and lightness
Both shining and grey
Revealing colour
As though every dull moment
Was designed for this alone
Stark contrast
To singular beauty
The whole world conspiring
In it’s dull tears
And clouded skies

Moonlit liaison

April 2, 2015

Held by the moon
Her watery touch
Cleansing of longing
Finger light on my skin
Youthful beauty not betrayed
By my own ageless desire
A loveless contract
Dusted with tenderness
Yet embracing mortality
With a loving quality
A fearless fluidity
That was the joy of humanity


January 11, 2015

Caught in that place,
Knowing everything you fill,
Can be filled by anyone,
Disbelief suspended,
By the true worthlessness of existence,
As everything you would have fulfilled,
Is an illusion only you can dispel


Reasonable Desire

December 3, 2014

What do I fear most?
That in desire I would bind her
Or be bound
For it’s the boundless I love
So beautifully present
Her wildness of nature
Where I see true order
Not mess
Not madness
But fiery chaos
That reflects my own
It falls where it should
Dead straight arrows
In a howling gale
No neat masquerades
Or polite formalities
She screams beauty
That no honest heart would dare ignore
It calls out my vulnerability
An outrage to sensibility
And a homage to desire
She shakes my ageless foundations
Exposing my duality
That I would both possess
Like some caveman with a stick
Chasing a lightning strike
And still be free
Thus entrapping myself
And blaming her as gaoler
So here I dance amidst words
Dragged out like bent nails
My first clumsy steps
On fresh tide-swept sand
But I do dance
Finding freedom in desire
A flame to match my fire


November 2, 2014

I revealed my heart,
And left nowhere to hide,
It feels like a knife,
As keen as Shylock’s pride,
Has opened up my life,
Spilt blood like tears,
And now it’s a wound that won’t heal,
Scorched at the edges by a sun so bright,
Because I couldn’t resist the urge to feel,
And now that Eros has subsided,
Soothed by the inevitable closure of night,
My thoughts are a-wander,
Like some treasure hunter,
A deepsea diver in search of Davy Jones’ locker,
To see what tentacles my soul has grown,
Stretching through the cool black water,
Grasping at ideas that slip free like eels,
Til there’s nothing left to know,
Not a single crevice or crack,
And with a gasping awareness,
The space surrounding the stars is black,
As though they cast shadows a billion miles wide,
And so I see myself,
Shadow cast by the sun.

Blood Bath

November 2, 2014

Short movie of me reading Blood Bath. Learning to love my voice. Maybe one day I’ll have the courage to post one with no filters on the sound 😉

Blood will flow
Geysers rich red with oxygen
Measuring my breath in dark spurts
Morbid pools of reality
A crimson cloak mirror
Softly swaying in perfect circles
A feast for her ancestor
Puddled on the floor
Sprayed across walls
Wrenched cage of my chest
A chalice of bones
Horror from the dawn
Laid bare by her talon
Her dripping red teeth
Clenching decades of rotten flesh
She needs no knife
Dragging my half severed head
Clenching my slit throat neck
Raising my red raw eyes
As darkness drops
And light ascends
The fire in her lips
Curling like my death skull grin
Smiling at this deadly flame filled leech
Blood let
She’s letting me
A shaman
With flaming breath
A divine lover
Sealing my mortal wounds
With an immortal fire