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May 10, 2015

No Cupid,

My arrows are not for hearts,

It’s wild nature I seek,

Where the spirits lie,

Hidden in glades,

Surrounded by madness,

Besieged by clawing hands,

And glazed eyes,

They’re more animal than I,

With my muddy feet,

And soot stained cheeks,

I pass unseen,

In their starched world,

Where people behave like animals,

And nature is their godless feast,

I wear duality like a cloak,

A guise in which I hunt lost beasts,

While it’s wild hearts I seek.


Moonlit liaison

April 2, 2015

Held by the moon
Her watery touch
Cleansing of longing
Finger light on my skin
Youthful beauty not betrayed
By my own ageless desire
A loveless contract
Dusted with tenderness
Yet embracing mortality
With a loving quality
A fearless fluidity
That was the joy of humanity

Reasonable Desire

December 3, 2014

What do I fear most?
That in desire I would bind her
Or be bound
For it’s the boundless I love
So beautifully present
Her wildness of nature
Where I see true order
Not mess
Not madness
But fiery chaos
That reflects my own
It falls where it should
Dead straight arrows
In a howling gale
No neat masquerades
Or polite formalities
She screams beauty
That no honest heart would dare ignore
It calls out my vulnerability
An outrage to sensibility
And a homage to desire
She shakes my ageless foundations
Exposing my duality
That I would both possess
Like some caveman with a stick
Chasing a lightning strike
And still be free
Thus entrapping myself
And blaming her as gaoler
So here I dance amidst words
Dragged out like bent nails
My first clumsy steps
On fresh tide-swept sand
But I do dance
Finding freedom in desire
A flame to match my fire

Blood Bath

November 2, 2014

Short movie of me reading Blood Bath. Learning to love my voice. Maybe one day I’ll have the courage to post one with no filters on the sound 😉

Blood will flow
Geysers rich red with oxygen
Measuring my breath in dark spurts
Morbid pools of reality
A crimson cloak mirror
Softly swaying in perfect circles
A feast for her ancestor
Puddled on the floor
Sprayed across walls
Wrenched cage of my chest
A chalice of bones
Horror from the dawn
Laid bare by her talon
Her dripping red teeth
Clenching decades of rotten flesh
She needs no knife
Dragging my half severed head
Clenching my slit throat neck
Raising my red raw eyes
As darkness drops
And light ascends
The fire in her lips
Curling like my death skull grin
Smiling at this deadly flame filled leech
Blood let
She’s letting me
A shaman
With flaming breath
A divine lover
Sealing my mortal wounds
With an immortal fire


September 17, 2013

Vanishing point,
Where I ceased to exist,
Comfort all the same,
Despite the vaccum,
That drew out my racking breath,
Leaving behind this shell,
Void of life,
Breaking point,
Where it all began,
Words like razors,
Slashing my arms,
My legs,
My heart’s bleak mess,
My fortitude dripping,
Soaked up like tears on a rainy day,
Invisible in the deluge,
And thus drained,
The end point,
Where nothing remained.


November 25, 2011

I can drift,
I can fly,
A fruitful existence,
In a hapless world,
With loving acceptance,
Tomorrow I could die,
One of a million small deaths,
Ticked off with the seconds of a clock,
Once more can’t hurt,
Tick tock,
Signs in the water,
Guides in the sand,
Where have I been,
These past months,
Dying by my own hand,
Carving off scraps,
To feed my crows,
Who await my final throes,
they don’t understand,
I live and die by my own hand,
With a fire so bright,
You’ll burn if yours isn’t alight,
I’m a Phoenix,
I sleep at night,
Dead embers concealing my might,
this is what I forgot,
Neither asleep,
Nor aflame,
But no longer,
I’ll scream and shout,
Hurl my flames into the sea,
Rekindled every day,
Nothing can touch me,
What comes next,
You’ll never know,
No more carrion,
Take flight,
Beady eyed crow

This makes us stronger

June 16, 2011

here is my breath,
the wake before my footsteps.

I am man,
in silent spaces,
I create my story.

A long road,
I follow no other.

without mistake.

If in doubt remember;
not making a choice,
was still my decision.


May 3, 2010

I am the energy,
before her thoughts,
they are the wake,
off my prow.

I am the brush that creates,
and the axe that kills.

I am the arrow to the bow,
hit or miss,
my direction is true.

I am the inventor,
in the world she creates,
my efforts are shimmering heat,
on a desert landscape.

I am the billow in the sail,
to which she breathes life.

I am the point in between,
her beginning and end.

Man made

February 6, 2010

In space,
sky and rain,
stretching up,
shelter below,
deep soil grounded.
An embrace,
a home,
immovable swaying,
limbs of flesh,
blood of the earth,
hard skin,
milky smooth.
Shelter from sun,
refuge from rain.
A harvest,
ripe and full.
A beauty undone,
showers of orange and gold.
Standing bare,
winter’s dawn,
silent hope,
in shades of green.
A call,
new cracks,
old skin,
frost peeling,
cloud sweeping.
Dreams with voices,
a song,
of nests,
and birth.


November 30, 2009

Two hearts to quicken my blood,
With hands that barely cover my palms.
Glittering with tears,
or shining with delight,
their eyes always tell the truth.

A step, a skip,
their energy feeds me.
My breath is shallow,
At the thought of their innocence,
and the depth of their love.

Touching, seeing, knowing,
they are my sons.
And although we are so often apart,
when my mind wanders
it is with them that I find it.

Sometimes our hearts collide,
Like lightning reflected in a window,
Seen from both sides,
The mirror and the image,
Asking questions of one another,
What’s this? Where are you going? Why?

Tears do little justice,
To what’s beneath the surface.
The love, the fear, the hope,
And the loss you feel every week,
saying goodbye.
Night time kisses on the phone.

Every night I feel them,
Just like my own,
Tiny hands and fingers,
that barely cover my palm,
Yet large enough to enclose my heart,
These are my children, whom I love.