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May 10, 2015

No Cupid,

My arrows are not for hearts,

It’s wild nature I seek,

Where the spirits lie,

Hidden in glades,

Surrounded by madness,

Besieged by clawing hands,

And glazed eyes,

They’re more animal than I,

With my muddy feet,

And soot stained cheeks,

I pass unseen,

In their starched world,

Where people behave like animals,

And nature is their godless feast,

I wear duality like a cloak,

A guise in which I hunt lost beasts,

While it’s wild hearts I seek.



April 29, 2015

The quiet is deep
A well of silence
That speaks to me

Of trees
And howling gales
Whispers to injustice
Shouts out beauty

A gossamer cocoon
In a world I’ve spun
Suspended from stars
That grind away in terrible magnificence

Feeding me lines
Which I scrawl in black ink
Filling space with darkness
A silken shroud for my quiet place

Those who sit still enough can see
The words are a void
Mere blank spaces

Those who know can see
I’m in the silence
And it’s there that they meet me


August 16, 2014

Give and take
This game of luck
With truth like spray
On an ocean wave
The light shining through
A million shards
Will you see me
A fractured spectrum
Red through blue
Some shapeless fleck
That will sparkle and drown
Crashing on the shore
So much foam
Driftwood at dawn
Refuge forsaken
A risk you’ve taken
Wet feet
And a fog shroud horizon
Rainbows and footprints
Goosbump arms and salty lips
Embraced by wind
Tides that shift

Mask I

January 28, 2010

These words chase,
blurring vision,
where does the poem end,
the poet begin?
Armour is what they are,
and a sword to wield,
a shield and a mask,
that nothing can penetrate,
for they are air,
these words.

Between the lines;
Behind the meaning;
A souls charter,
for meaningless banter.

A face of steel;
full of appeal,
it’s smooth and calm,

Until it ends,
when silence reigns,
and truth prevails!
Not these words,
It’s a mirror you see,
with holes in the middle,
that look like eyes,
they stare blankly,
carved out of air,
If it’s the poet you seek,
you will not find him there.

Mask II

January 28, 2010

Embraces like wine,
that warms and softens,
in a torpid way,
Rolling around on your tongue.

Peering through eyes,
mere holes,
thin air.

Caressing fingertips,
brush and tease,
little soft caterpillars,
curling, twisting,
feeling the fruit,
before taking a bite.

Soft breath,
and hair that clings,
with senses open,

outwardly glowing,
crying tears that speak,
rain seen falling,
from beneath the waves.

in a lover’s embrace.

Mask III

January 28, 2010

kind word,
knowing laughter,
what fathoms,
it plunders.

Heart creeping,
of tender kisses,
soft glances,

Flickering light,
magnetic desire.

flattered and binding

another mask,

Mask IV

January 28, 2010

fury unleashed,
glass covered orbs,
shiny plugs hiding a soul.

Scratch away,
finding but ash and pumice,
words spewing,
a red torrent.

Burnt sticks gouging,
like popped balloons,
full of mucus,
red rimmed,

Seeping out,
shadow casting,
rock hurling,


Mask V

January 28, 2010

little bubbles that float,
popping in ears,
gliding over skin,
a rainbow glow,
little joyous oily streaks,
drifting on the breeze,
tiny stains that infect,
turning slick,
on an ocean of misery,
frothing and bubbling,
racing to shore,
a wave that enraptures,
leaves you breathless,
pulling at weary drifters,
safety of sand and dry feet,
just puddled footprints,
joyous, frivolous,
bounding into the surf,
headless of rocks and currents,
lurking beneath,
mouths open wide,
filled with these popping sounds,
then unwitting silence,
just ripples,
panting, hard drawn breath,
eyes streaked and glassy,
for the moment no agony.

The last word

August 17, 2009

Keep your thoughts locked in your head,
generating feelings like waves,
crashing on a rock,
don’t like what they’re saying,
but keep ’em in, lock it up.

Don’t go out and play,
paralysis like fear,
because you’re so full,
you can’t hear any more.

Keep your thoughts in your head,
stay at home, stay safe,
and think think think,
if you are living in your head,
you might as well be dead.