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Erotic discourse

May 5, 2015

I’m alive in a sensual world,
Where no thought can survive,
You’ll learn nothing from me,
In the words that I speak,
Instead taste the air that I breathe,
Savour my intention,
The erotic sensation,
Of gentle fingertips,
Writing a fateful script,
Rather than some crude finger-pointing reiteration,
Of eloquent words repeating dead ideals,
From some dead author’s crypt,
The only answers I’m interested in,
Are those imprinted on your questioning lips.


Heed this

January 27, 2015


Nakedness is my salvation

I see you
Your dark lies

Well now see me
This body is mine

Vulnerability will be my shield

Bark upon my skin
Earth beneath my buttocks

As you would raise my own hand against me
I will let the breeze raise the hairs on my skin

Water from depths deeper than yours
Soothing my parched throat

The clench of your claw like hands
Washed away

Like a thimble full of dust in the light
Your shadows will dance on my vulnerable flesh

Revealed for the illusion they are
Mere shadows

I am vulnerable
But not to your un-whole cause

I am vulnerable to life

Have patience my dark cousin
Because I’m not done with it yet

When I am
Your victory will be hollow

My hand is now at your throat
Notice how I don’t squeeze

It’s a caress
Just as these elements caress my being

I am fully embraced
Vulnerable as the newborn

See me
I am vulnerable


That which was cast out returns
Chaos, beauty and nature are on my side

It’s a storm
And forgiveness is coming

Be warned.

Reasonable Desire

December 3, 2014

What do I fear most?
That in desire I would bind her
Or be bound
For it’s the boundless I love
So beautifully present
Her wildness of nature
Where I see true order
Not mess
Not madness
But fiery chaos
That reflects my own
It falls where it should
Dead straight arrows
In a howling gale
No neat masquerades
Or polite formalities
She screams beauty
That no honest heart would dare ignore
It calls out my vulnerability
An outrage to sensibility
And a homage to desire
She shakes my ageless foundations
Exposing my duality
That I would both possess
Like some caveman with a stick
Chasing a lightning strike
And still be free
Thus entrapping myself
And blaming her as gaoler
So here I dance amidst words
Dragged out like bent nails
My first clumsy steps
On fresh tide-swept sand
But I do dance
Finding freedom in desire
A flame to match my fire


August 24, 2013

I was lucky
Feeling again
And losig my head
On a getaway train

But the sweetest touch
Is sometimes the hardest to hold
Wrapped in soft linen
And feeling so old

Mirrors like prisons
Reflecting on these rattling bones
Stuck with thorns

Is this fear?
Another regret chalked up
Against the swell in my chest
Blood pounding in my ears

Why is it so easy to give
But impossible to take
With open arms
After all these years

Oh why
Is this sweet touch
So hard to hold?