The analyst’s dilemma

April 27, 2015

What strength lies in sensitivity
That can bestow courage
When in darkness I forage
For ease and simplicity

With a heart set on beauty
Yet swept by this deluge
Should I seek a bridge
Or wade through vulnerability

Perhaps seek solace in today’s detail
And quiet contemplation
It’s a soft tissue to expectation

A veil for the heartful
Separating us from ghostly validation
A loving shroud



April 13, 2015

Goosebump fresh
Softly lit
No gentle crunch underfoot

Not yet

Shining still
Silver drop jewels
Against a cascade of red

And slow

A gentle season
Scented like peppermint
A silent crescendo
Washing over skin tight with excitement
A raised brow

My favourite hour
Before a perfect close
The curtain falling
On last year’s show

Conspirator sky

April 7, 2015

Droplets on a window pane
Blurred lives
All a reflection
A heaviness and lightness
Both shining and grey
Revealing colour
As though every dull moment
Was designed for this alone
Stark contrast
To singular beauty
The whole world conspiring
In it’s dull tears
And clouded skies

Moonlit liaison

April 2, 2015

Held by the moon
Her watery touch
Cleansing of longing
Finger light on my skin
Youthful beauty not betrayed
By my own ageless desire
A loveless contract
Dusted with tenderness
Yet embracing mortality
With a loving quality
A fearless fluidity
That was the joy of humanity

Heed this

January 27, 2015


Nakedness is my salvation

I see you
Your dark lies

Well now see me
This body is mine

Vulnerability will be my shield

Bark upon my skin
Earth beneath my buttocks

As you would raise my own hand against me
I will let the breeze raise the hairs on my skin

Water from depths deeper than yours
Soothing my parched throat

The clench of your claw like hands
Washed away

Like a thimble full of dust in the light
Your shadows will dance on my vulnerable flesh

Revealed for the illusion they are
Mere shadows

I am vulnerable
But not to your un-whole cause

I am vulnerable to life

Have patience my dark cousin
Because I’m not done with it yet

When I am
Your victory will be hollow

My hand is now at your throat
Notice how I don’t squeeze

It’s a caress
Just as these elements caress my being

I am fully embraced
Vulnerable as the newborn

See me
I am vulnerable


That which was cast out returns
Chaos, beauty and nature are on my side

It’s a storm
And forgiveness is coming

Be warned.


January 11, 2015

Caught in that place,
Knowing everything you fill,
Can be filled by anyone,
Disbelief suspended,
By the true worthlessness of existence,
As everything you would have fulfilled,
Is an illusion only you can dispel


Reasonable Desire

December 3, 2014

What do I fear most?
That in desire I would bind her
Or be bound
For it’s the boundless I love
So beautifully present
Her wildness of nature
Where I see true order
Not mess
Not madness
But fiery chaos
That reflects my own
It falls where it should
Dead straight arrows
In a howling gale
No neat masquerades
Or polite formalities
She screams beauty
That no honest heart would dare ignore
It calls out my vulnerability
An outrage to sensibility
And a homage to desire
She shakes my ageless foundations
Exposing my duality
That I would both possess
Like some caveman with a stick
Chasing a lightning strike
And still be free
Thus entrapping myself
And blaming her as gaoler
So here I dance amidst words
Dragged out like bent nails
My first clumsy steps
On fresh tide-swept sand
But I do dance
Finding freedom in desire
A flame to match my fire

Who, who?

November 27, 2014

I see him in dreams
With talons that tear through flesh
Layers of sinew and muscle
An old torn love letter
Blood and fatty tissue strewn
Amidst a spiral bound carcass
of shredded images and stories
With his predators beak
He comes on silent wings
To pluck at the night
Pitiless and merciless
Bright eyed and grim
Since the setting of the sun
His wisdom unchallenged
The chosen of gods and mortals
He who feasts in darkness 
Seeing even the smallest worrisome mouse
A meal for his honesty
He obeys a single truth
that is no truth at all
Nor is it desire
He is the blind side
The hunter of the night
A hooded executioner
Of all that you would hide
He is a bringer of death
Leaving carrion to the crow
Sowing balance in his silent wake
And thus nourished
You will find him playing in the bright light
Lest he be lost between the worlds deep sorrow
And the comfort of night


November 21, 2014

True change drifts in a realm of illusion
Boundless possibilities
With a single purpose
The Mystery unnamed

Fight it if you must
But know you are but dust
Beautiful in the eyes of the poet
Empty in the eye of all that is

The emptiness you feel is the whole
Your panic is your awareness
Of that which can not be filled
But which is always full

If you would grasp it
Let it go
Drift in the possibility
That your breath is not your own

Your chest a cavity
As dark as it is light
As full as it is empty

That this pain is infinite
And yet it is hollow
As is the love you seek

What binds you is belief

Would you define the indescribable?
Have you the words?
Would you be beautiful?
Or a part of all that simply is?

Boundless and full
It will not distinguish

There is no symbol
No word
No sound that can describe

And yet you are alive
A pin prick of light
In a fabric of emptiness
And infinitely beautiful in my eyes

This is emptiness. What do you see?

November 15, 2014