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The heart of creation lies in darkness

May 5, 2015

Open hearted
in a sensual world,
Where cuts and bruises
cause no pain,
Rather a sacred recognition:
In grief there is liberation,
A torrent of colour,

As a creature of feeling,
Not thought,
Is it madness
to sit in darkness
with a smile on my face?

Have you contemplated the notion:
It’s not light that connects us,
That when your pulse races,
And your chest feels both tight and swollen,
It could be love,
Or fear,
Only if you care to name it,

In the absence of both,
What would your racing heart tell you?
Pay attention,

Can you face destruction?
Because somewhere we mistook
immortality for permanence,

The stars know this,

Do they burn merely to bring light,
In a world of mirrors and reflection,
Or because there is no creation
without destruction?

And if there’s truth in this,
how can you be different from a star,
a raging fire,
If they’re the source of all you are?


What a f*#king mess

July 23, 2014

Pride’s cup has overflowed
With one day to grieve
Cast adrift
On a leaky boat
Punched in the guts
With a hole I didn’t perceive

Funny (peculiar)
How every bruise you yield
Aches like the first slap
The first heartbreak
The first time someone dies
Your first bike stolen

So you take flight
Avoiding all eyes
But what’s to deny?
From what do we hide?

Hell knows I’ve tried
Tear streaked
A lonely long road
That twists and winds

And yet
In mere minutes
It led me to realise
But two things
You can not deny
Each other’s antithesis

They lurk side by side
Like sisters dancing
Or more likely rediculous
Hot pies and cold beer?

And fear.