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Will she?

June 22, 2018

When she plants trees,

Will she think of me?

What if the nights are cold,

With no one to hold?

When there’s soup for tea,

Will she think of me?

I think of her,

When I’m by the fire,

When the phone rings,

it’s some one else, my mind is whirring,

A train goes by,

And I can only cry,

Not self-pity,

Although of pity I’m guilty,

Perhaps remorse,

I’m the loser in a race with one horse,

She the rider,

Who hasn’t won either



June 21, 2018

These winter days get longer,

And I am adrift,

In a season meant for safe harbour,

But what is a day to a week or year,

When I flounder in my own dispair?

At a cruel moment in time,

I plotted this course,

And the path now stretches before me,

A shadow at sunset,

Before the darkest hour,

In a world where nothing lasts,

This one moment is forever,

My only hope the longest dawn,

After winter’s darkest hour

Last rites

June 12, 2018

This nightmare is sober;

Two souls have died,

Was it murder,

Or suicide?

Should love give,

Or take from another,

When two hearts live,

In the arms of each other?

Why shatter your heart,

For freedom’s sake,

Then realise freedom was both the lock,

And the open gate?

This nightmare is over,

Two souls have died,

Was it murder,

Or suicide?


August 29, 2015

Watching it go,
Last week’s treasure,
Now mere clutter,

And so did she go,

I hoped,

But not even a whimper.


January 2, 2014

Love’s longing is the true foe
Obfuscated by anger’s falsity
Shrouding all beneath
To hide the pain

Lost to a shadowed fury
Outlined by tears like shards
Vacuous in their gasping shower
Empty salt stings on an open wound