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The Gardener

June 16, 2015
A gift was dropped in my heart,
Hardly discernible, it was so tiny,
I stumbled through days,
Happy in beauty,
Taking my time,
I studied flowers one minute,
Marveled at clouds the next,
Rapt in the pleasures life brings,
Naught but an inkling,
It pushed from within,
’til cracks did appear,
Light seeped in,
And all the pleasure,
Of worldly things,
Became a dark dream,
So I rallied my defences,
Stretched my imagination,
To the bounds of the extreme.
I created stories in my mind,
Of what should have been,
And on the cracks,
I poured salvation,
Wine by the bottle,
To slow their advance,
As darkness descended,
It was too little, too late.
But still I fought on,
Against these dastardly cracks,
I feared for my life,
All seemed lost,
I had to concede,
So I lashed out in anger,
At this insidious undoing,
But the strangest thing happened,
As I lay in apathy,
Not wanting to die,
Yet no will to live either,
Light filtered out,
And touched every fibre,
While I watched in wonder,
How could this be?
Attention turned inward,
I examined my heart,
So damaged (I imagined),
But I found no cracks,
And where I’d imagined holes,
Shining windows,
Offering peace and solace,
In each a reflection,
A patient semblance,
With a gentle smile,
And bright shining eyes,
Holding aloft,
In strong calloused hands,
The darkest of my fears,
The loudest of my doubts,
And all my perceived misdeeds,
A face full of love,
Tending the weeds.


May 11, 2015

I don’t seek out beauty,

I simply find it,

In unlikely places,

The comic irony;

It’s always where I expect it to be!

Wild Heart

December 30, 2013

Have you ever noticed the grass
Left grown
Like a bush of wild hermit hair
A soft blanket in the moonlight
Quivering as one in the breeze
Shivering like a lover’s skin
Scattered with goosebump flowers
Above, a cloud of sparks
That shine with a cool beauty
Singing silent possibilities
Stars in a lover’s eyes
Shining from some inner light
When lips curve upwards
Like the wings of ancient wisdom
An owl in flight
Hunting for a tender heart
Have you ever seen the grass?


January 5, 2012

If I give you my ear,
It’s just the inbetween,
And a cup of tea on the end,
To soothe your tongue

And isn’t it queer,
How these little trifles,
Sit neatly between my heart and the earth,
Nestled in tight like a hole and a bung

And have no fear,
With a bit if jiggling we find a hearth,
To keep us warm at night,
And kiss tenderly while sweet songs are sung

And also a tear,
Between the tea and the ear,
For all our sweet sorrows,
That this earthly heart would bring undone.