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The Monster and Me

July 19, 2018

I visited an old friend today,

She took me into her heart,

Reminding me to cry,

Speaking gently of a fresh start,

She’s held a decade of my tears,

Yet through the ages,

Has not whispered a hint of her own fears,

How many seeds has she planted?

I once planted one in the depths of her dark embrace,

Now counted amongst the dearly departed,

Yet she cares not for my fall from grace,

She collects pieces of me,

Like light and rain,

That I might return to this place,

When I’m in need of them again


The Gardener

June 16, 2015
A gift was dropped in my heart,
Hardly discernible, it was so tiny,
I stumbled through days,
Happy in beauty,
Taking my time,
I studied flowers one minute,
Marveled at clouds the next,
Rapt in the pleasures life brings,
Naught but an inkling,
It pushed from within,
’til cracks did appear,
Light seeped in,
And all the pleasure,
Of worldly things,
Became a dark dream,
So I rallied my defences,
Stretched my imagination,
To the bounds of the extreme.
I created stories in my mind,
Of what should have been,
And on the cracks,
I poured salvation,
Wine by the bottle,
To slow their advance,
As darkness descended,
It was too little, too late.
But still I fought on,
Against these dastardly cracks,
I feared for my life,
All seemed lost,
I had to concede,
So I lashed out in anger,
At this insidious undoing,
But the strangest thing happened,
As I lay in apathy,
Not wanting to die,
Yet no will to live either,
Light filtered out,
And touched every fibre,
While I watched in wonder,
How could this be?
Attention turned inward,
I examined my heart,
So damaged (I imagined),
But I found no cracks,
And where I’d imagined holes,
Shining windows,
Offering peace and solace,
In each a reflection,
A patient semblance,
With a gentle smile,
And bright shining eyes,
Holding aloft,
In strong calloused hands,
The darkest of my fears,
The loudest of my doubts,
And all my perceived misdeeds,
A face full of love,
Tending the weeds.

Heed this

January 27, 2015


Nakedness is my salvation

I see you
Your dark lies

Well now see me
This body is mine

Vulnerability will be my shield

Bark upon my skin
Earth beneath my buttocks

As you would raise my own hand against me
I will let the breeze raise the hairs on my skin

Water from depths deeper than yours
Soothing my parched throat

The clench of your claw like hands
Washed away

Like a thimble full of dust in the light
Your shadows will dance on my vulnerable flesh

Revealed for the illusion they are
Mere shadows

I am vulnerable
But not to your un-whole cause

I am vulnerable to life

Have patience my dark cousin
Because I’m not done with it yet

When I am
Your victory will be hollow

My hand is now at your throat
Notice how I don’t squeeze

It’s a caress
Just as these elements caress my being

I am fully embraced
Vulnerable as the newborn

See me
I am vulnerable


That which was cast out returns
Chaos, beauty and nature are on my side

It’s a storm
And forgiveness is coming

Be warned.

Bones and stardust

October 23, 2014

Narcissist pool eyes
From the dawn of time
This time
I’m every man you’ve known
The lover who lied
The creep on the street
The friend who took you aside
The beloved of last week
Last month
Last year
I am Father
I am Brother
I am He, you She
I am fire
I am earth
I am water
I am air
Breathe in
My bones and stardust
You’ve tasted
Countless times
Since the garden
We’ve never been apart
Mother and Father’s cosmic joke
There is but one child
With two sides
And a billion faces
Mortal and godly
Divine and terrible
I see you
And I’ve felt you
I know you
You’re the girl next door
The goddess in the pool
And the temptress in the garden
I see you coming
And I’ve seen you leave
You are naught but bones and dust
Yet everything above, below
and between

Whole love
Half love
No love
All love.

She has a name

September 25, 2014

I am joined
My beginning and ending

Cocooned, I am
Set free by the flesh
I offer her insatiable hunger

Wild beauty and rage
except in her appetite

I am ash
She exalts
Crowning my destruction

A barometric leaping
Dust plume
Crowned in streams of red

Of this time yet timeless
Without form
Elemental union

Not heard
As two individual drops in a stream

It is a scentless
wind swept conjunction
of essences on the breeze

Two grains of dust
dancing between stars
in shapeless dreams

It is my destroyer
My authentic path
My eternal Mother



May 12, 2014

Life’s scraps
And here comes the alphabet again

Like swirling chunks
bobbing in a saucepan

With ageing lumps
scavenged from all corners of the kitchen

Little oily cloud
heavy with emotion

Buoyed by a hot bubbling crowd
like friends set aside

Life on hold
and a lithium tide

In winter’s coop
where foggy cold does abide

I’m making soup.

Be as a tree

April 4, 2011

In love,
Be as as the tree in four seasons.
Celebrate new arrivals as a bird sings its love in spring.
In Summer sway to the music of insects,
For the sweet sound may leave you,
and you may weep in it’s dying strains,
But this song is eternal and never ends.
Just as the flame snuffed out by Autumn’s frost,
is but one brief spark in loves never-ending night.
It becomes hidden by day,
as one candle lights another before being extinguished,
the flame is eternal, a beacon for all who loose their way.
So celebrate too the brilliance of Autumn,
Cascades of colour,
Like two lovers who have found their stride,
Enjoyed the fruits of putting down roots,
Enjoy the enduring strength.
And should your love be touched by winter,
With chill hands and cold winds,
Be still as a tree.
Shed your autumn colour,
Leave your skin bare to the storms and winds,
Dance and sway through the grey days.
Allow a new song of breeze through bare branches.
This is still love,
but only you remain.
When the pretty birds and leaves return,
Remember the bare roots,
and the branches that sway,
when all else passes on its way.