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May 10, 2015

No Cupid,

My arrows are not for hearts,

It’s wild nature I seek,

Where the spirits lie,

Hidden in glades,

Surrounded by madness,

Besieged by clawing hands,

And glazed eyes,

They’re more animal than I,

With my muddy feet,

And soot stained cheeks,

I pass unseen,

In their starched world,

Where people behave like animals,

And nature is their godless feast,

I wear duality like a cloak,

A guise in which I hunt lost beasts,

While it’s wild hearts I seek.


Wild Heart

December 30, 2013

Have you ever noticed the grass
Left grown
Like a bush of wild hermit hair
A soft blanket in the moonlight
Quivering as one in the breeze
Shivering like a lover’s skin
Scattered with goosebump flowers
Above, a cloud of sparks
That shine with a cool beauty
Singing silent possibilities
Stars in a lover’s eyes
Shining from some inner light
When lips curve upwards
Like the wings of ancient wisdom
An owl in flight
Hunting for a tender heart
Have you ever seen the grass?